Houses for Shoes

It seems that over the years more and more women are shelling out on larger amounts of shoes than they were in previous years. How do we know this? Well the housing industry can prove it. More newly built homes are having extra space integrated just to accommodate for extra shoes and handbags. New build homes are now adding extra cupboards and even rooms, not just to store your necessities but for all those fashion accessories that you continue to purchase.  Look around any new build home these days and you will find a room or extra-large wardrobe to hold the substantial amount of women's clothing. Who wants an en suite bathroom when you can have an en suite dressing room instead?

Many women will know that a love for designer shoes and bags can take over a room in any home, no matter how big the house may be. Some have even been known to store their footwear in the kitchen once their bedrooms and wardrobes have become too jam packed to fit anymore pairs in.

Maybe it should be compulsory that every new home built is required to have a dedicated space for footwear and handbags. Of course mostly women would put their hands up in agreement but perhaps the men might not be too keen.

Even older homes are now receiving the same treatment. Spares rooms are being turned into walk in wardrobes and dressing rooms while extra storage is being added on to houses to hold large amounts of footwear. A wardrobe in the corner of a bedroom is just no good anymore. Women need at least one other room to house their fashionable belongings and ever growing shoe collections. After all, if you are prepared to spend thousands of pounds on a handbag then stuffing it away in a dark cupboard is not going to be the greatest storage solution is it?

Perhaps the way in which homes are built will change for the sole purpose of women's growing shoe collections.

Buying a house is a hefty investment these days and people will look for exactly what they want when purchasing the right home. The same goes for buying designer shoes, they are expensive, but choosing the right pair will last a long time and will make a great investment. Along with a love of footwear, handbags and clothing comes an unenviable task of storing the many items that you choose to purchase. 

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