Protection Of Housing Construction Materials Industry, Demand For Products In Step Away - Affordable

HC coating Network News: 2010, has been called the first year of affordable housing, real estate industry in a series of policy reform, affordable housing has been referred to an unprecedented height. Housing and Urban Rural Development recently signed with the provincial government targets in 2010 responsibility for housing to protect the book, by the end of the work will be organized to guarantee acceptance of the completion of the housing, into the content of assessment and accountability. In accordance with the requirements of the National Plan of 2010, construction of various types of affordable housing and shantytowns housing 5.8 million units, 1.2 million dangerous transformation of rural areas, a more significant increase than last year.

Affordable housing construction materials industry, demand for products in step away
In addition, the Ministry of Finance, 20, said the central government has allocated the 2010 Central housing security 16.7 billion yuan of special funds to support the region to solve the financial difficulties of urban low-income housing problems.

Will become the mainstream products in low-end products
And along with the cities to protect the opening of large-scale housing construction, building materials market, product demand is bound to gradually increase, while the open construction of affordable housing for building materials industry demand in 2010 set the tone. In which the low-end products will also become the preferred material.

Other income housing, housing policy is also to general consumers who purchased mainly in the purchase of property directly affected to the next stage of the purchasing power of consumers, so we can see, in the low-end Home Building materials will be blitz.

Summary: Policy 2010, large-scale open house will be built, both for home buyers or for home building materials business is a good news. First of all, the rise in house prices can affect buyers in the second to meet the needs of home buyers, of course, for building materials businesses, with strong market demand can be backed up. 2010 will also be a year of hope and opportunities.

Policy to open a large-scale construction of housing
Shanghai: held in Shanghai yesterday to promote large residential community building out of the General Assembly, upload information, Shanghai, a new round of large-scale residential community planning and site selection has been the basic floor. New this year, started the city's overall affordable housing target of 12 million square meters, of which Economy For housing about 400 million square meters, the relocation of about 8 million square meters room placement. Has started construction of affordable housing, total 3.3 million square meters during the year is expected to reach pre-sale conditions.

In Fujian: Fujian Province this year, plans to build 10,000 affordable housing units, the commercial housing price is too high, too fast up the city will appropriate the supply room to relax by the appropriate range, from low-to middle-income gradually expanded , and organic link up with the low-rent housing. Also, this year will start the construction of 27,000 low-rent housing units. According to regulations, low-cost housing throughout the province Lease In principle, control the proportion of low-rent housing for more than 50% of the total, low-cost housing is prohibited by the lease the lessee will lend low-rent housing, subletting or change of use.

Yunnan: Yunnan provincial government recently introduced the "People's Government of Yunnan Province on the practical task of stabilizing the housing prices of a number of views" requirement, the province will further speed up the construction of protective homes, about 12 million this year to protect nature housing construction tasks. Yunnan Province will be completed this year, 79,000 units in shantytowns (including industrial and mining shanty town 31 000 sets, 23,900 sets of Reclamation, Forest 08 000 sets) and 08 100 units of public rental housing construction tasks.