Ma: The Advantage Of The Industry Chain Development For The Housing Industry - Construction,

In recent years, Tianjin building large state-owned backbone enterprises of building materials in the field of Tianjin housing group, to Energy , Environmental protection, resource utilization of new technologies, new materials and new systems as the core, the scale of industrialization and specialization of production, construction, series of products based on invested heavily in the construction of the New Building Materials Base. At present, the Group has formed a residential development, new building materials manufacturing, construction contracting and for building materials and housing industry-related services supporting the development pattern of the four sections. Group mode operation of this structure are interrelated, the implementation of resource sharing, to industrial chain advantage, to promote the rapid development of the group. Even in the context of the current economic downturn, Tianjin Residential Group, the growth rate is still 30% growth, showing a strong potential for development. To this end, the reporter recently visited the Group Chairman Ma.

Reporter: Group has invested heavily in the construction of a new building material base. Please tell us about what prompted the groups to the construction of new building materials base?

Ma: Residential Group is committed to the key city of Tianjin Project Building, crisis housing and humble old city reconstruction task into pieces, each of the residential development of about 300 million square meters. In residential construction, the state building energy efficiency advocates to require 65% of residential energy efficiency standards. However, for the standard Tianjin retaining wall materials, especially with thermal insulating properties of single materials, the development can not meet demand, but to take such remedial wall plus insulation board-type measures, but there are many difficult to overcome the disadvantages. Over the years, we focus on the development of housing industry. In the restructuring, development planning, the group decided to focus on housing industry development direction to four plates for the pattern to form our core competitiveness. Among them, the first core section is to develop new building materials. Reform Office in the city wall, supported by the end of 2006, we invested 500 million yuan, the Tianjin Economic Development Zone Wu Qingfu source was a new building material base.

Reporter: 500 million yuan invested heavily in construction of the project, that group's determination to develop new building materials. You talk about the size of new building materials base, layout, product development.

Ma: base construction of new building materials group, is in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, follow the national development of circular economy, industrial policy, comprehensive utilization of resources and implementation. We are saving energy, green building materials in the production and eco-technology research and development as a starting point for the production of energy-saving insulation Wall materials , High insulation windows, insulation composite wall and all kinds of powder products. Annual design capacity of 700,000 cubic meters of sand filling Concrete Products , Deep processing of Comprehensive Utilization of gypsum production line can produce all kinds of powder materials 200,000 tons, is also manufacturing all kinds of high-grade doors and windows, wooden products, compound Glass Wall, the whole cabinet and other decorative works component parts. Base covers an area of about 350 mu, building area of 80,000 square meters.

Tianjin Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a base for building the core business. It introduced the most advanced German Weihan Jia aerated concrete production line, with computer control, high degree of automation, process control precision, the product precision. This is currently the largest first-class technical equipment, technology applications and a complete set of modern building materials business. It produces the aerated concrete products all meet the state superior product quality requirements, completely dry masonry wall construction to meet the requirements of building energy efficiency is 65% standard single wall materials.

Building Tianjin Tianjin Building Materials Co., Ltd. is the first use of power plant flue gas desulfurization gypsum waste generated by industrial production enterprises for further processing, aerated concrete products can provide a dedicated package Glue Viscosity, cracking mortar, wall plaster and other products. In 2008, Tianjin Building Materials Co., Ltd. built by the Chinese Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization as wall materials innovation and enterprise technology and equipment, was recognized for the comprehensive utilization of resources of Tianjin Municipal Economic Commission unit.

The development of new building materials base of the housing industry as a group of new economic growth point, has become the industrialization of new technology, applications, integration of the leading plate. Its production scale, technology and equipment intensive, research and development technology for the development of the rapid rise of speed advantages.

Reporter: base current operational status of what it has achieved the expected results?

Ma: construction project broke ground in May 2007, after only 8 months, on completion of the infrastructure and production line equipment installation, commissioning of the equipment followed. Production line put into operation in 2008 on the production of aerated concrete products 250 thousand cubic meters. Group residential project developed by using a 30% proportion of the remaining 70% of the products are sold to other units and Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Liaoning and other places, to achieve Sell Income of more than 800 million yuan.