Warkentin House


Bernhard Warkentin

Wilhelmina Warkentin

Bernhard Warkentin was born in the village of Altonau of the Molotschna Mennonite settlement in the Ukraine on June 18, 1847. In 1872, he arrived in the United States to study the country's agricultural, economic and political climate.

Wilhelmina Eisenmayer was born November 1, 1852, in Horse Prairie, Illinois. She and Bernhard were married August 12, 1875. They had two children: Edna Wella, born September 24, 1876, and Carl Orlando, born January 3, 1880.

Realizing the benefit the Mennonite farmers would be to the development of the Great Plains states, American railroad companies touted the advantages of settling in the midwestern United States. Between 1874 and 1884, about 15,000 Mennonites immigrated to America. The majority settled in Kansas.

Bernhard Warkentin encouraged the immigrants to bring with them Turkey Red hard winter wheat.

In 1873, Warkentin settled in Halstead, Kansas, building Harvey County's first grist mill and his farmstead on the Little Arkansas River. In planning for his mill, Warkentin visited several milling operations throughout the Midwest; among them was Conrad Eisenmayer's mill in Summerfield, Illinois. It was there that he met Eisenmayer's daughter, Wilhelmina.

In the fall of 1874, the Kansas countryside was first sown with Turkey Red wheat, the hardy, high-yield variety that gave Kansas its enormous productivity and made the region the breadbasket of the world.

Warkentin owned mills and elevators in Newton and Halstead, Kansas, and Blackwell, Oklahoma. He was instrumental in founding the Halstead State Bank, Kansas State Bank, Bethel Deaconess Hospital, and Bethel College.

Warkentin died by accidental gunshot on a trip in the Holy Land in 1908.

Wilhelmina Warkentin lived in their Newton home until her death in 1932.



The main entrance door displays a cut and etched glass panel imported from France.

English carpenters crafted the fine woodwork evident in the main staircase and the ball-and-spindle fretwork in the foyer.

The lavatory near the front door allowed dusty travelers to freshen up using an English cabinet with teardrop pulls and Italian marble washbasin. The lion-head towel holder is English.

Many small details exhibit the fine workmanship of the carpenters, and the leatherette wainscoting in the main foyer, lavatory, and stairwell is especially luxurious.

Parlor and music room

The fireplace in the parlor has a cherry mantelpiece and Italian tiles.

The rosewood/mahogany empire loveseat exhibits Chinese influence in carved dog's heads and claw feet.

The box sofa was made in England, and the cornice molding around the ceiling repeats the "gadrooning" (radiating lobes) design of the sofa.

The woodwork in the other rooms continues the same themes begun in the foyer, but the woodwork in the parlor is cherry-finished walnut. The music room returns to oak woodwork, and the dining room is walnut. The sliding (pocket) doors between the music room and dining room were crafted of two woods, each side matching the appropriate room.

The music room and parlor have crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia.

The Steinway upright piano belonged to the Warkentins' daughter, Edna, and the floor in the music room is covered by one of many Anglo-Persian carpets in the house.

The music room is spacious and well-lighted by windows on the east and south.

Dining room and kitchen

The Italian tile in the dining room fireplace portrays the goddess of agriculture, Demeter in Greek mythology or Ceres in the Roman pantheon.

The Warkentins entertained elegantly, and the china closet contains some of their original serving pieces; among the most striking is the chocolate pot.

The jeweled and stained glass windows on either side of the fireplace pre-date the house and are believed to be of Russian origin.

The large medallion in the wall covering echoes the emblem in the satin glass globes of the bronze chandelier and the wall sconces.

Nineteenth-century luxury did not extend to the kitchen. Electricity replaced gas for lighting soon after the completion of the house, but the old wood/coal cookstove continued in use for many years.

Indoor plumbing was installed two years after the completion of the house. A servant pumped water into a large, copper-lined reservoir in the third-floor attic at the beginning of each day. The three sinks in the kitchen are slate.


The two-room master suite has a sitting room to the southwest. The birdseye maple suite is original to the house, but it was not located in the master bedroom.

The brass double bed is now in the northwest bedroom and also belonged to the Warkentins. Much of the furniture in the bedrooms is not original to the house. The trunk at the foot of the bed was used by the Warkentins in their travels.

The parquet flooring throughout the house consists of several different woods and is finely crafted. The most unusual floor covering is in the master suite, where bright red Russian rugs, originally in the music room, have been moved for preservation. Warkentin himself purchased them in Russia, and the thistle pattern displays the Russian national flower.


The most unusual fireplace is in the library. The tile is again Italian, but the hearth displays a most unusual diagonal band.

Bernhard Warkentin's roll-top desk is no longer on the east wall of the library, but his wife's oak writing desk stands in that location. His favorite chair has striking lion's heads on the arms and claw feet. The design on the coal scuttle is similar to that on the etched glass of the front door. The walnut library case is one of the few furnishings native to Kansas. It was constructed in Leavenworth and contains family books.


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Open House Features Beef Mi Fendian - Beef, Rice - Food Industry - Turbo Actuator Manufacturer

Beef, nutritious, high protein vitamins, containing fat, low cholesterol; and contains 12 kinds of amino acids needed by human body, the effect of a Warming stomach is strong share and nourish. Smooth and delicious accompanied by Rice flour That is absolutely not smell; is to drink a bowl of tempting aroma, rich flavor of beef the original soup is a delicious treat. Beef noodles for its "rotten meat, crisp and tender, pink slip cotton Ren, Tang Qing Sauvignon, spicy hot delicious" characteristics of the river in the north and south China, of all ages, regardless of summer and winter season, are the choice of many people .

Characteristics of the project: beef noodles as a unique flavor and rich nutrition, have been given public recognition. While low investment threshold, power, and has a significant product features and quality is the most potentially lucrative stage Business Project.

Unique taste: the unique taste of delicious beef noodles from special material selection and fine production. High quality beef proudly delicious soup, add the rice flour tough cotton slip, together with the rotten meat, crisp tender beef, together with the coriander, then into a bowl of Tangqing meaty, slippery rice noodles beef tough cotton.

Nutritious: beef rice noodles with beef cattle meat selection to sophisticated technology, through a series of cases of strict production?? Cooking, hanging, halogen, against, foam and other processes. Therefore, when a bowl of delicious beef noodles on strong in front of you, your appetite then how can we not?

A loyal consumer groups: in the north and south parts of China, like the Chi Mifen kind of product to reach 500 million people, history has Chimi Fen's history and tradition. And rice products made easy, convenient and also become the first choice.

No distinction season: in winter, eat a bowl of steaming beef noodle, lets you in the cold winter can be fun dripping,? Out one of fatigue. In summer, drink a bowl of fresh taste, rich flavor of beef the original soup lets you appetite, appetite moving.

Affordable: beef noodles were generally sold according to size, large copies of 6 yuan, 5 yuan in small portions; is precisely because of its affordable price, very popular with students and office workers alike. Around the school, in the office near the food court can see all kinds of people go to eat.

Management simple: business theme clear, distinctive product features, easy to operate species update, personnel requirements low, buy Raw material Convenient, therefore, difficult for small daily management, operation details are their own master, is well suited for new food and beverage entrepreneurs.

Big profit: a total of 50 square meters of beef Mi Fendian investment also in less than 50,000 yuan can be easily operated and can reach 60% of gross monthly income of 1 to 2 million, annual profit is up to 10 million or more, benefits are substantial.

Project works: As the beef noodles are broad consumer acceptance can be in the office near the school around, in the food court and so the relative concentration of the regional flow of business to open shop.

Project investment: the cost of beef Mifen Dian is the most important facade rent Decoration , And equipment to a 50-square-meter shop, for example, cost analysis as follows: to 6 yuan / bowl prices, turnover amounted to 1,500 yuan / day, a monthly turnover of 50,000 yuan. Rent: 3,000; artificial: one chef 1,000 yuan; waiter two 1,200 yuan; energy consumption: 2000 yuan / month; Other: 500 yuan / month; liquidity (daily purchases, the necessary expenses): 300 yuan 30 days = 10,000 yuan. Total expenditure above: 17,000 yuan in January, months Maori :50000-17000 = 33,000 yuan, on gross margin: 33000 50000 100% = 66%. ( HC food industry network Tip: business risk, the project should be carefully compared to the visit)

Article Source: http://beef.ezinemark.com/open-house-features-beef-mi-fendian-beef-rice-food-industry-turbo-actuator-manufacturer-31c7a5466b1.html

New Listing Price Rose 5% Blast Dark Unspoken Rules At Home Industry - Home Industry, Furniture -

As the new industry market prices up 5% of the experts to expose the dark Home Hidden rules

The price of building materials and home improvement markets seem the most relations. Once the rise because of upstream raw materials, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, paint, and some Decoration And supplementary price advantage of the opportunity will be up.

Reporter visited a street and building materials actually Shilihe homes, stores, and other household Meikailong, we found many Sell Staff avoided the prices, but prices are some of the brands an undisputed fact.

North Fourth Ring Road in Meikailong stores, a well-known brands on the floor of the South is said to have been price increases of 20%. In Shilihe region, one of the brand sales, said the current price is still stable, passed inside information from the manufacturers point of view, price increases inevitable.

The Wrigley area of a head of Beijing, also said time and again because of higher prices of clay, plus shipping costs climbing, the price will rise 8% -10%.

Reporter visits found that many building materials companies are out wandering up or dark rose, as more than three or four months for the new launch day, and many building materials businesses raise prices to new sales ground. Ceramic Dragon's headquarters base in Fujian Province found that many businesses are the main push in this year's new products, which are often not discount new, relatively old models are priced higher.

An industry that, if a price increase, companies need not in direct competition and price adjustment under the eyes of consumers, so prices obviously will not work out. The industry believes that companies can push new products, the way to achieve price increases for packaging purposes. It is understood that such a dark way up has become the industry's unspoken rules.

Stakeholders of the industry, building materials due to copper, iron, steel, Oil And the impact of logistics and transport prices, as home price increases the first part of the industry. According to a press multi understand that, EADS were mixed by more than 5%.

New round of "price war" started Jie Mi Paint 6 Dah Sing marketing trends

Second-hand housing transactions up second-hand housing to be installed collective house new homes the first super-

Into the season since the renovation, the home improvement company, have launched the numerous offers, promotions to attract customers, then consumers are willing to pay based on how much renovations cost? By "how much money you expect to pay the cost of engineering models and accessories?" According to the survey results is evident: 15% of the respondents intend to spend, "from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan," 36% of the respondents intend to spend, "50000-8 million ", and compared the findings of last summer, easily find that the number of nearly two interval swap occurred. Building a single product, with regard to "what price would you like to buy the floor?" This issue, four percent of respondents said they would buy less than 100 yuan per square meter of floor, 27% of the respondents to accept the price per square m between 100 to 150 yuan.

For kitchen and bathroom renovation spending power, that are willing to pay from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan of respondents accounted for 43% of the highest ratios; Similarly, for "how much money you are willing to pay for the bathroom renovation (including the purchase of Block toilet, basin, faucets, bathroom cabinets, shower, shower screen or shower room, water heater, wall and floor tiles and the ceiling)? "the problem, offered to pay 10,000 to 20,000 yuan consumers the total number of total respondents 45%.

For Furniture Consumption survey, 26% of respondents chose "less than 20,000 yuan,", 42% chose the "20,000 to 50,000 yuan,", 29% chose the "50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan" , and another 3% of people are willing to pay 10 million yuan to buy furniture.

By the real estate market fluctuations, home improvement market, the business also because of new homes decline in trading volume has changed in the past dominated by new home decoration business has been seriously squeezed, and home improvement company has less value in the secondary housing market But more and more prosperous.

House Music - A Fast Growing Trend in the Music Industry

House music is a synthesized electronic type of dance music that first started showing up on the scene in the middle of the 1980s. House originated in Chicago and was first created by DJs in the clubs there. It is influenced by a variety of other types of music including funky dance and disco.

No one is really quite sure why this new type of music was called House, though. It may be related to one of the clubs in Chicago where it first started, which was named The Warehouse. Chicago was known for its warehouse parties popular with the underground culture of the Latino and Black gays near the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s.

Frankie Knuckles who was a DJ at The Warehouse combined synthesized pop music from Europe with other types of music including punk, disco, industrial and new wave and his unique type of music became known as House because of the name of the club.

An alternate theory on how House got its name comes from a musician named Larry Heard who says it is called that because the recording was done in people's houses.

Many DJs in this time had the drums and synthesizers at home to be able to create this style of music. Another theory put out by a DJ named Chip E. is that it is named for the way it was recorded in music studios. No one really knows which of these theories is right.

The development of House music occurred in places where teenagers and other people who frequented clubs hung out like party houses, garages and clubs. Eventually this music began to get airplay on the radio. The length and origins of House make it less than ideal for the commercial market. It took musical instruments and altered their sound and used them in new and interesting ways.

There are still a lot of people around the world who are into the house music scene and who are creating new house music. Year after year, new musicians and DJs come into the house music scene, which is why it has stayed popular for so long.

Many different cities across the country including New York, Detroit and Atlanta have a booming House music scene, especially in areas with a diverse population. Even in other countries like Germany, Australia and Scandinavia, it is popular. In Chicago, there is even a House Unity Day that celebrates the birth of house music in that city on every August 10th. It is not just a fad, it is a music genre that is going to continue to grow and spread.

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Why Consider House Getting Organizations To Industry Your House Fast?

Need to advertise your house fast? Do you have idea about the issues that can help to raise your chances of providing your home quick considering the slow economy?

So that you can current advertise your house and make it more attractive to potential buyers, you certainly will seek to:

• hire agent to advertise your property
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Certainly, each of the listed work can help you current advertise your house and potentially sell your house, but these surely require a quite a bit of your power to acquire a client willing to acquire your home within your some time to effort frame.

And somehow can bring no such guarantees.

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The truth is, providing your you will find revenue homeowners is a sensible strategy as well as true selection for a homeowner who would like to advertise his house fast, saving some time to, investment property on advertising activities.

These house buying companies are doing work on strong honest grounds and they are there to provide a service to you. Testimonials and recommendations from previous clients of such companies can make sure that they're not out there to use you.

Excellent companies guarantees that both involved parties which includes you as the house home owner and the business as the revenue home client come forth with a satisfied and content package.

And so when it comes to deciding whether to package or not to handle home revenue home client there are a few issues that you have to look into. It's definitely advisable to contact such companies in the event you:

• Need to advertise your home immediately
• Need to transfer fast
• Need quick revenue from the sale of your house
• Need to acquire the desired price

So why battle to find buyers in the market? Why spend time, revenue and power for wearisome and expensive advertising efforts?

Cash homeowners or home revenue buyers in these cases serve as the optimum solution to guarantee that home suppliers will not have to waste revenue looking for potential house buyers out there.

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