New Listing Price Rose 5% Blast Dark Unspoken Rules At Home Industry - Home Industry, Furniture -

As the new industry market prices up 5% of the experts to expose the dark Home Hidden rules

The price of building materials and home improvement markets seem the most relations. Once the rise because of upstream raw materials, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, paint, and some Decoration And supplementary price advantage of the opportunity will be up.

Reporter visited a street and building materials actually Shilihe homes, stores, and other household Meikailong, we found many Sell Staff avoided the prices, but prices are some of the brands an undisputed fact.

North Fourth Ring Road in Meikailong stores, a well-known brands on the floor of the South is said to have been price increases of 20%. In Shilihe region, one of the brand sales, said the current price is still stable, passed inside information from the manufacturers point of view, price increases inevitable.

The Wrigley area of a head of Beijing, also said time and again because of higher prices of clay, plus shipping costs climbing, the price will rise 8% -10%.

Reporter visits found that many building materials companies are out wandering up or dark rose, as more than three or four months for the new launch day, and many building materials businesses raise prices to new sales ground. Ceramic Dragon's headquarters base in Fujian Province found that many businesses are the main push in this year's new products, which are often not discount new, relatively old models are priced higher.

An industry that, if a price increase, companies need not in direct competition and price adjustment under the eyes of consumers, so prices obviously will not work out. The industry believes that companies can push new products, the way to achieve price increases for packaging purposes. It is understood that such a dark way up has become the industry's unspoken rules.

Stakeholders of the industry, building materials due to copper, iron, steel, Oil And the impact of logistics and transport prices, as home price increases the first part of the industry. According to a press multi understand that, EADS were mixed by more than 5%.

New round of "price war" started Jie Mi Paint 6 Dah Sing marketing trends

Second-hand housing transactions up second-hand housing to be installed collective house new homes the first super-

Into the season since the renovation, the home improvement company, have launched the numerous offers, promotions to attract customers, then consumers are willing to pay based on how much renovations cost? By "how much money you expect to pay the cost of engineering models and accessories?" According to the survey results is evident: 15% of the respondents intend to spend, "from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan," 36% of the respondents intend to spend, "50000-8 million ", and compared the findings of last summer, easily find that the number of nearly two interval swap occurred. Building a single product, with regard to "what price would you like to buy the floor?" This issue, four percent of respondents said they would buy less than 100 yuan per square meter of floor, 27% of the respondents to accept the price per square m between 100 to 150 yuan.

For kitchen and bathroom renovation spending power, that are willing to pay from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan of respondents accounted for 43% of the highest ratios; Similarly, for "how much money you are willing to pay for the bathroom renovation (including the purchase of Block toilet, basin, faucets, bathroom cabinets, shower, shower screen or shower room, water heater, wall and floor tiles and the ceiling)? "the problem, offered to pay 10,000 to 20,000 yuan consumers the total number of total respondents 45%.

For Furniture Consumption survey, 26% of respondents chose "less than 20,000 yuan,", 42% chose the "20,000 to 50,000 yuan,", 29% chose the "50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan" , and another 3% of people are willing to pay 10 million yuan to buy furniture.

By the real estate market fluctuations, home improvement market, the business also because of new homes decline in trading volume has changed in the past dominated by new home decoration business has been seriously squeezed, and home improvement company has less value in the secondary housing market But more and more prosperous.