Amazing Repurposed Houses

Many people may not imagine that some luxurious and well-designed houses used to be warehouses, barns, factories, and churches. The buyers have spent huge budget on renovation, converting industrial spaces into modern residences. Let's check out the unique converted homes:

This unusual home has a surprisingly modern interior. The cubby-like bedroom pods are equipped with flat screen monitors. The propane stove can be controlled by the Internet.

Surprisingly modern interior

The site of Capital Meats, a meat packing plant was transformed into Capital Flats with eight single-and multi-family dwellings.

With some of the pews in the kitchen as benches, the former Catholic Chapel was converted into the Living Church.

Old forest fire-spotting towers are being transformed into rustic camp-style guest houses.

This former 1905 diary barn sits on 2400-square feet overlooking the Olympic Mountains. With a new extra-insulated roof, people do not have to worry about the heat problems.

The 5,000-square-foot trolley maintenance garage became a firehouse and then a home.



Using Commercial Homes Listings to Make a Mark in the Housing Industry

Why do you need commercial homes listings? Let us say you inherited a sizable amount of money and would like to make a good investment. Real estate is definitely up there in terms of wise investments. A lot of business tycoons made their money this way and there is no reason why you should not be able to do the same. The key is education, you have to be willing to spend quality time learning the ropes before putting down your money.

There are several commercial homes listings services available on the Internet. You can also find similar listings in banks and court houses. All real estate companies will also have a list of commercial homes for sale. Brokers and agents are especially useful for this undertaking as they have an intimate knowledge of the business and know which properties are ideal for investment. Not only that, they can help you run your business by sourcing buyers or renters of your properties.

Your Level of Involvement

The level of involvement needed to run a real estate business depends on whether you want to resell your properties or maintain it as a rental.

If you want to purchase a number of fixer upper commercial homes for sale with the goal of re-selling them, then you may need to be fully involved every step of the way. Your involvement will not be as tight if you choose to rent out an apartment block as you can stipulate clauses in your contract relating to the general maintenance of the property.

You can even start real small if you search for duplex type properties from commercial homes listings. These properties can be lucrative as well because you can keep one of the units as your residence and rent out the other. Indeed there are not limits on how you can realize profits from housing, you only need good commercial homes listings to point you to the right direction.