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After the Copenhagen meeting in 2009, low-carbon environmental protection has become the focus of the world, while China's carbon emissions, real estate, as one of the largest industry, how it took a low-carbon energy path, can not be ignored. In the recently held state power Norit base housing industry reporting meeting on the Real Estate Association to the province of Shandong Province real estate companies and property service companies to issue initiatives, the positive application of solar energy technologies and products, to speed up the real estate industry in our province transition to a low carbon economy, promote domestic industrial development.

It is understood that Energy The tense situation in our country is very grim, residential building energy consumption accounts for 32% of the national energy consumption. China's existing 400 million square meters of building construction is basically a high energy, heating energy consumption per unit area is equivalent to similar climatic conditions in developed countries 2-3 times. Our country every year nearly 2 billion square meters of new buildings, more than the sum of all the developed countries to build capacity, but more than 95% of building energy consumption is still high. Forecast in the next 15 years, China will build about 200 billion square meters of buildings. If we do not take energy-saving measures, not the implementation of building energy-saving materials, building energy consumption in 2020 will reach 1.1 billion tons of standard coal, equivalent to the current building's energy consumption is three times that.

To speed up the transition to low carbon economy the real estate industry in our province, to promote domestic industrial development, to build environmentally friendly buildings that conserve energy, Shandong Province issued Initiative Real Estate Association, said: "the use of solar technology is the development of low-carbon economy important is the concept of human survival and development of an important manifestation of a fundamental change. application of solar energy, the development of low-carbon economy is the bounden duty of the real estate industry in our province. the real estate business is necessary to undertake the social responsibility of building low-carbon Shandong; in real estate project, we should actively introduce the provincial energy saving ideas, an active use of solar technologies, changes in development thinking and development of methods for real estate in low-carbon economies in transition to seize opportunities and create new opportunities, as soon as possible to the real estate industry in our province the road to sustainable development; improve the enterprise's social image and enhance market competitiveness. "

Provincial Real Estate Association asked all industries and enterprises to actively implement the relevant national and provincial laws and regulations and documents. Compliance with "Renewable Energy Law", "Building Energy Conservation Regulations" and other state laws and regulations, to comply with "real estate development business in Shandong Province Regulations", "Shandong sales of commercial regulations", "Shandong Province Property Management Regulations" and other regulations, in accordance with the conditions of real estate development project submissions, the housing industry technology review and integrated real estate development and completion of system requirements such as acceptance of the record established in the project, design, integrated part of the implementation and acceptance of solar energy application technology architecture and integration. Conscious implementation of the "civil solar water heating system specifications", "housing performance technical standards", "Residential Building Code" and "building-integrated solar hot water system design and application" and other national and provincial standards, procedures and plans set. In the project design and construction standards in accordance with standard application of solar energy facilities, solar energy systems to achieve synchronization with the main building design, construction synchronization, synchronization acceptance. Positive application of solar energy through the State Housing certified products, refuse to use inferior quality products. Will promote solar energy use, implementation of the housing industry, into the enterprise development strategies, long-term planning and business development planning. Conditional joint solar energy development companies to be manufacturers, design firms, construction companies and research institutions, the establishment of housing industry alliance to take a production, study and research of combining; development of enterprises should dare to explore the construction model to the industrial production changes to speed up the development of housing industry in our province. (Text / ZHENG Chun-Ni)

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Foreclosures: Leading the Housing Industry One Step Closer to Recovery

There are many possible reasons behind property foreclosure. It could be because the owner has lost his source of income. It could be that he is no longer able to work because of a medical condition. It could also be due to a messy divorce. The list goes on. Regardless of the root cause behind a house’s repossession, people tend to have an ugly picture of foreclosure in mind.


True enough, foreclosure is an indicator that somewhere along the line, a homeowner has been remiss in his house duties. Most likely he was dragged down by his mortgage dues on top of other financial obligations. However, just like any other issue, there is a brighter side to property foreclosures. By looking at the glass half full, people can actually take advantage of this situation.


Even a gloomy Gus can be convinced that there is, indeed, a good side to foreclosures.

Most housing industry experts claim that this can be a ray of hope in the midst of the housing plight that the country still hasn’t quite recovered from.


When a repossessed property is put on auction, its value will certainly be low. The increasing number of buyers who purchase these homes know that grabbing this golden opportunity will not only give them a great deal but will also be a step in taking up against the great marketing lull experienced in the previous years. The more people buy houses, the sooner the gap between supply and demand can be bridged. Seen this way, foreclosures need not automatically strike fear in the hearts of everyone.


On the other hand, those who are nearing foreclosure of residential properties also need not fret.

That is because there are reputable loan companies including Houston mortgage providers that can extend a helping hand to them. These professional consultants can give the best recommendations and assistance to help homeowners in salvaging their valuable assets.


These experts on mortgage Houston residents recommend can help people both ways. They can offer refinancing and debt consolidation options to clients with houses up for foreclosure. At the same time, they can assist potential clients interested in exploring the repossessed market in purchasing available foreclosed properties to maximize the low prices and favorable mortgage rates.


It is most probably because of these providers of mortgages Houston trusts that the home sales in the city continue to strengthen. Their property sales are consistently going up and foreclosed properties contributed 23% to this steady sail. To know more good news on Houston home sales and foreclosures, go to and

Necessary shoe brands winning four "senses" - shoe industry - Container House

Shoes HC News Network on May 4 was a domestic shoe's crowded city is a tendency Shoe Enterprises were for the greater share of the market, find ways to apply strategies consistent with competition for market operated bakery. With the gradual improvement of living standards, more and more fast pace of life circumstances, people do not have too much time spent in the consumer's hesitation, the smooth course of making a purchase decision, and are usually supported with brand Product usually so popular, it seems that the brand has become the symbol of one of the fast-paced era. Brand is not only a change in our lives, but also created its own new value. Nowadays, many Shoe Brand building from the upstream and downstream of the brand operation, a total of 4 large sensory set to come help out.

Sense?? Product quality to win Brand is the vitality, a good brand is the market selling passes, however, the brand product is the source of competition when the market price competition gradually from local competition to brand development, quality assurance becomes critical magic .

When people buy a particular brand, they tend to focus on the merits of product quality, Shoe Brand enterprises in the business, if only to remain at the table level, it will be difficult to brand strong, and big. Therefore shoe to understand the competitive market where, to maintain the product's own points of difference. On corporate brand products have the competitive advantages and disadvantages of a more open understanding, optimizing and upgrading production equipment only closely aligns consumer demand. In addition, we hold the brand's own points of difference and the advantages under the brand Marketing Brand, and this is crucial to the quality of the brand from the necessity of forming a virtuous circle.

Vision?? Products winning personality As people Shoe Product quality and appearance required by the day, shoes are not just simple household items, personalized products designed shoes more and more people of all ages.

Now the market is now such a situation: the domestic shoe designed mostly similar, the lack of creativity, and more is an imitation of serious homogeneity. The face of intense competition, domestic market, further price war, foreign markets, relying on the comparative advantages of low cost is difficult, shoe industry breakthrough in the design, a large number of personnel stationed in high-quality shoe design Footwear Enterprise is the shoe industry, the key to sustainable and rapid development. Clearly, a product in the minds of consumers than any other brand's image, then it's value in the minds of consumers invaluable, precisely because of this consumer psychology, personalized premium becomes a very natural thing Personalized products with accelerating speed of market development, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the terminal.

Smell?? Raw materials Environmental protection Winning

It is understood that domestic production of shoes, most of the traditional oil-based glue, and adhesives used in basic as the solvent, in which the amount of solvent contained 80% or more, so my footwear every year large Organic solvents are emitted into the atmosphere. These organic solvents into the atmosphere by photo-oxidation after the formation of further large number of photochemical smog and acid rain, etc., to our environment pollution. Therefore, the shoe business, in order to use environmentally friendly water-based adhesive to replace traditional oil-based plastic by the people are often more able to accept, after all, the Earth is now facing nine major resource limits, should grasp the deadly Department, to be a corporate social responsibility, as far as possible to curb the sources of pollution, and promote greater development of shoemaking process.

Hearing?? Word of mouth Winning For footwear products, excellent quality to the consumer it to the outside, under the good word of mouth to establish a brand image. Reputation effects are often able to allow enterprises to push to the cusp of popularity. Asked the company to provide customers that have not just good products and services, they must know how customers learn how to establish and maintain long-term close Cooperation Relations, and that requires businesses to invest in certain feelings in clients, through the psychology of communication and exchange of feelings and win customer trust and preference, culture customer loyalty and attract more new customers, thereby expanding its market share, gain greater competitive advantage. This is called emotional marketing, the difference between personal feelings and needs of customers, brand marketing strategy as the core, the core of the Emotions by brand, to increase the brand's cultural core, and the product marketing process, the release of the brand's core emotional energy, supported by the product functionality to meet the needs of customers, using word of mouth effective desire to inspire customers to buy in order to achieve corporate business objectives.

2010, the shoe in the face of new economic situation and market development opportunities, is bound to have confidence in the brand bigger and stronger, to develop a systematic strategic guidelines, on the above mentioned four senses tell, to increase market share!

Industrial Heater

Infrared heater is a mechanical instrument made of square panel mounted with specific equipment with a very high temperature value used to transfer heat and warmth from one medium to another medium through electromagnetic radiation system. In todays age these heaters have gained a massive popularity because of their high efficiency heating quality, use of carbon elements and cost effective heat distribution potential. Now everyone is worried and aware about rising electricity and oil bills and I think there is no other option rather than Infrared heaters for best energy saving options with a wide range of variety and highly positive responses. These heaters are the best ever considered substitutes for coil electrical heaters for our homes and industries to generate a great amount of energy in a cost effective way.

As far as effectiveness is concerned industrial infrared heaters are more effective than any standard electrical heater. Industrial Heaters are compared to sun in terms of heating like sun covers nearly every possible area during heating. Some of the Powerful Industrial heaters have the efficiency to warm an area of 1500 Sq Feet in a very short span of time. Most of the standard heaters are having a heat range that is accessible only to some specific areas means they covers only front and easily accessible area and rest of energy get waste during that procedure that is a big reason to think whereas Industrial Heaters are superb in warm heating. They cover approximately every possible and expected area from floor to ceilings and leads to minimum heat and power loss. One thing that makes these heaters different from traditional standard heaters is that the heat generation and heat elimination procedure in Industrial Infrared heaters goes through waves of electromagnetic system and the extra heat eliminated is absorbed by the elements binded around it which is brought in use after a particular interval of time. Kerone Heaters produce much heat on a very lower cost, this feature makes them outstanding and apex in competition and usage.

kerone Infrared Heaters are very safe even if they are operated at full capacity as they provide a comfortable and mild heat. This thing can be easily observed simply by warmth level of the room and behavior of your pets. This is only possible with the help of Quartz Heating Elements planted inside the structure of heaters. Heat produced by these heaters never reaches to a level that may cause any fire accident or unexpected incident. kerone certified heaters are thoroughly safe for all preferred usages. In conclusion we can say that Kerone certified Infrared Heaters would be a great addition to a house heating system as these are highly efficient and can produce heat instantly. Kerone Heaters are although a bit expensive but these are the finest way to get rid of extravagances of electricity bills and heating expenses.

Most popular types of industrial infrared heaters are Ceramic Emitters- These are portable type space heaters embedded which generates energy when electricity is passed. Quartz Lamps- A heating instrument enclosed by mercury vapor and made of quartz. Quartz Tubes-A heating device or instrument used in material research like ceramic. Gas Fired Catalytic- A heating device used to heat a room by using natural gas.Metal-Sheathed Tubular Heaters- Such types of heaters are generally used in custom heating purposes and flat faced panels with lots of variations.