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Shoes HC News Network on May 4 was a domestic shoe's crowded city is a tendency Shoe Enterprises were for the greater share of the market, find ways to apply strategies consistent with competition for market operated bakery. With the gradual improvement of living standards, more and more fast pace of life circumstances, people do not have too much time spent in the consumer's hesitation, the smooth course of making a purchase decision, and are usually supported with brand Product usually so popular, it seems that the brand has become the symbol of one of the fast-paced era. Brand is not only a change in our lives, but also created its own new value. Nowadays, many Shoe Brand building from the upstream and downstream of the brand operation, a total of 4 large sensory set to come help out.

Sense?? Product quality to win Brand is the vitality, a good brand is the market selling passes, however, the brand product is the source of competition when the market price competition gradually from local competition to brand development, quality assurance becomes critical magic .

When people buy a particular brand, they tend to focus on the merits of product quality, Shoe Brand enterprises in the business, if only to remain at the table level, it will be difficult to brand strong, and big. Therefore shoe to understand the competitive market where, to maintain the product's own points of difference. On corporate brand products have the competitive advantages and disadvantages of a more open understanding, optimizing and upgrading production equipment only closely aligns consumer demand. In addition, we hold the brand's own points of difference and the advantages under the brand Marketing Brand, and this is crucial to the quality of the brand from the necessity of forming a virtuous circle.

Vision?? Products winning personality As people Shoe Product quality and appearance required by the day, shoes are not just simple household items, personalized products designed shoes more and more people of all ages.

Now the market is now such a situation: the domestic shoe designed mostly similar, the lack of creativity, and more is an imitation of serious homogeneity. The face of intense competition, domestic market, further price war, foreign markets, relying on the comparative advantages of low cost is difficult, shoe industry breakthrough in the design, a large number of personnel stationed in high-quality shoe design Footwear Enterprise is the shoe industry, the key to sustainable and rapid development. Clearly, a product in the minds of consumers than any other brand's image, then it's value in the minds of consumers invaluable, precisely because of this consumer psychology, personalized premium becomes a very natural thing Personalized products with accelerating speed of market development, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the terminal.

Smell?? Raw materials Environmental protection Winning

It is understood that domestic production of shoes, most of the traditional oil-based glue, and adhesives used in basic as the solvent, in which the amount of solvent contained 80% or more, so my footwear every year large Organic solvents are emitted into the atmosphere. These organic solvents into the atmosphere by photo-oxidation after the formation of further large number of photochemical smog and acid rain, etc., to our environment pollution. Therefore, the shoe business, in order to use environmentally friendly water-based adhesive to replace traditional oil-based plastic by the people are often more able to accept, after all, the Earth is now facing nine major resource limits, should grasp the deadly Department, to be a corporate social responsibility, as far as possible to curb the sources of pollution, and promote greater development of shoemaking process.

Hearing?? Word of mouth Winning For footwear products, excellent quality to the consumer it to the outside, under the good word of mouth to establish a brand image. Reputation effects are often able to allow enterprises to push to the cusp of popularity. Asked the company to provide customers that have not just good products and services, they must know how customers learn how to establish and maintain long-term close Cooperation Relations, and that requires businesses to invest in certain feelings in clients, through the psychology of communication and exchange of feelings and win customer trust and preference, culture customer loyalty and attract more new customers, thereby expanding its market share, gain greater competitive advantage. This is called emotional marketing, the difference between personal feelings and needs of customers, brand marketing strategy as the core, the core of the Emotions by brand, to increase the brand's cultural core, and the product marketing process, the release of the brand's core emotional energy, supported by the product functionality to meet the needs of customers, using word of mouth effective desire to inspire customers to buy in order to achieve corporate business objectives.

2010, the shoe in the face of new economic situation and market development opportunities, is bound to have confidence in the brand bigger and stronger, to develop a systematic strategic guidelines, on the above mentioned four senses tell, to increase market share!