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After the Copenhagen meeting in 2009, low-carbon environmental protection has become the focus of the world, while China's carbon emissions, real estate, as one of the largest industry, how it took a low-carbon energy path, can not be ignored. In the recently held state power Norit base housing industry reporting meeting on the Real Estate Association to the province of Shandong Province real estate companies and property service companies to issue initiatives, the positive application of solar energy technologies and products, to speed up the real estate industry in our province transition to a low carbon economy, promote domestic industrial development.

It is understood that Energy The tense situation in our country is very grim, residential building energy consumption accounts for 32% of the national energy consumption. China's existing 400 million square meters of building construction is basically a high energy, heating energy consumption per unit area is equivalent to similar climatic conditions in developed countries 2-3 times. Our country every year nearly 2 billion square meters of new buildings, more than the sum of all the developed countries to build capacity, but more than 95% of building energy consumption is still high. Forecast in the next 15 years, China will build about 200 billion square meters of buildings. If we do not take energy-saving measures, not the implementation of building energy-saving materials, building energy consumption in 2020 will reach 1.1 billion tons of standard coal, equivalent to the current building's energy consumption is three times that.

To speed up the transition to low carbon economy the real estate industry in our province, to promote domestic industrial development, to build environmentally friendly buildings that conserve energy, Shandong Province issued Initiative Real Estate Association, said: "the use of solar technology is the development of low-carbon economy important is the concept of human survival and development of an important manifestation of a fundamental change. application of solar energy, the development of low-carbon economy is the bounden duty of the real estate industry in our province. the real estate business is necessary to undertake the social responsibility of building low-carbon Shandong; in real estate project, we should actively introduce the provincial energy saving ideas, an active use of solar technologies, changes in development thinking and development of methods for real estate in low-carbon economies in transition to seize opportunities and create new opportunities, as soon as possible to the real estate industry in our province the road to sustainable development; improve the enterprise's social image and enhance market competitiveness. "

Provincial Real Estate Association asked all industries and enterprises to actively implement the relevant national and provincial laws and regulations and documents. Compliance with "Renewable Energy Law", "Building Energy Conservation Regulations" and other state laws and regulations, to comply with "real estate development business in Shandong Province Regulations", "Shandong sales of commercial regulations", "Shandong Province Property Management Regulations" and other regulations, in accordance with the conditions of real estate development project submissions, the housing industry technology review and integrated real estate development and completion of system requirements such as acceptance of the record established in the project, design, integrated part of the implementation and acceptance of solar energy application technology architecture and integration. Conscious implementation of the "civil solar water heating system specifications", "housing performance technical standards", "Residential Building Code" and "building-integrated solar hot water system design and application" and other national and provincial standards, procedures and plans set. In the project design and construction standards in accordance with standard application of solar energy facilities, solar energy systems to achieve synchronization with the main building design, construction synchronization, synchronization acceptance. Positive application of solar energy through the State Housing certified products, refuse to use inferior quality products. Will promote solar energy use, implementation of the housing industry, into the enterprise development strategies, long-term planning and business development planning. Conditional joint solar energy development companies to be manufacturers, design firms, construction companies and research institutions, the establishment of housing industry alliance to take a production, study and research of combining; development of enterprises should dare to explore the construction model to the industrial production changes to speed up the development of housing industry in our province. (Text / ZHENG Chun-Ni)

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