Infusing technology into the Rental Housing Industry

Technology is gradually taking on a greater role in our current society in many aspects. One of the ways in which it has proven most useful is in the communication process between humans. Recognizing this, a website engineer has created a new website that could potentially revolutionize the entire rental market scene. 

One engineer observed an appalling lack of technology use during the rental process. Considering the numerous technological advancements in our era, it is beyond comprehension that the rental industry is lagging so far behind technologically in comparison to other markets. So, the web engineer decided to create a new website which he hopes will make people’s housing search far more efficient. 

Both renters and brokers face the same problems when it comes to people looking for housing on the internet. Potential apartment seekers waste countless hours surfing the internet, scrolling through vague listings, responding to bogus agents and then ultimately viewing apartments that do not come close to their needs.

Take, for instance, the fact that a simple search for Apartments for Rent Boston does not filter out unnecessary results on a normal search engine.  For brokers’ the most frustrating aspect of the online search for apartments is that potential renters are unable to specify what type of apartment they are looking for, or what their price range is. This results in false leads from people who want an apartment in a completely different price range than what the broker is offering. 

This website aims to eradicate both the uncertainty on the part of the potential renter and the frustration on the part of the brokers by getting potential renters to fill out an online survey of their apartment preferences by listing all the relevant details such as the type of neighbourhood and accessibility to different amenities.  Once the person fills out this survey, the site aggregates a large database of possible apartments and presents the user with a shortlist of matches with a high level of compatibility.

In this way the user is free to contact whichever agents have listings that are relevant to them and they don’t have to deal with brokers who are not offering anything that they are looking for. 

One of the best parts of this website concept is that the site is completely free for apartment-seekers. The site would make its money by charging brokers a fee to list their apartments in its database. Right now the website is currently in beta, but by the end of 2012 it will hopefully be up and running and have a listing of almost every apartment aggregated in its database. The full version of the website is scheduled for a full-scale launch during the first week of March and will begin marketing itself to both potential renters and brokers.