Brazil Housing Sector Analysis

Brazil has emerged as one of the favorable destinations for the real estate developers to tap unexplored opportunities in housing sector, despite gloomy economic environment. This is largely due to the fact that the country is facing massive housing shortage owing to demand-supply mismatch. With recession hurting the economy, low cost or affordable housing units are fast emerging as the next area of growth in the country’s housing sector.
 According to our latest research report “Brazil Housing Sector Analysis”, the housing sector is poised for tremendous growth in the coming few years on the back of growing population, rising income levels and increasing demand for housing units, particularly in the lower and middle income segment. Our research anticipates total housing stocks to increase at a CAGR of around 3% during 2009-2013.
 Moreover, the government-owned housing institutions have been offering loans at 12% interest that can be easily paid over 30 years. This, alongwith various other initiatives by the government, will lead to 14% decline in the housing deficit, at 6.27 Million homes in 2007. However, the government hasn't set a deadline for completion and the program will be considered finished only on completion of one million homes.
 Anticipating the market potential, Brazil is witnessing massive investments in its housing sector, from both the private and the public sector. These investments are particularly targeted at meeting unprecedented demand for affordable housing units in the country. It is anticipated that the housing construction industry could overtake other sectors in terms of contribution to GDP growth in the next few years.
 “Brazil Housing Sector Analysis” provides extensive research and objective analysis on the growing housing industry in Brazil, its components and supporting financing structure. The report aims at helping clients to analyze the factors critical to the success of the housing industry in Brazil. Detailed data and analysis helps investors, financial service providers and global real estate players to navigate through the latest trends in Brazil’s housing industry.
 Table of Contents :
 1. Analyst View
 2. Industry Snapshot
 3. Brazil Housing Industry Overview
 4. Market Attractiveness
 4.1 Government Spending
 4.2 Home Financing
 4.3 Low Inflation
 4.4 Population
 5. Housing Industry Outlook
 5.1 By Housing Stock
 5.2 By Region
 5.3 By Tenure
 5.4 By Household Size
 6. Raw Materials
 6.1 Cement
 6.2 Paint
 6.3 Ceramic Tiles
 7. Housing Credit Industry & Mortgage Reforms
 8. Housing Deficit & Demand Analysis
 9. Key Players
 9.1 MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SA
 9.2 Rodobens Negocios Imobiliarios SA
 9.3 Gafisa
 9.4 Cyrela Brazil Realty
 9.5 Rossi Residencial SA
 List of Figures:
 Figure 4-1: Number of Housing Units Financed & Housing Loan (Billion BRL), 2004-2008
 Figure 4-2: Inflation Rate (2003-2011)
 Figure 4-3: Population (Million), 2003-2008
 Figure 5-1: Number of Housing Units (Million), 2005-2008
 Figure 5-2: Forecast for Number of Housing Units (Million), 2009-2013
 Figure 5-3: Housing Unit by Region (%), 2007 & 2013
 Figure 5-4: Housing Unit by Tenure (%), 2007 & 2013
 Figure 5-5: Housing Unit by Household Size (%), 2007
 Figure 6-1: Cement Consumption (Million Tonnes), 2004-2008
 Figure 6-2: Paint Industry Sales in Housing Sector by Value (Million US$ ) & Volume (Million Liters), 2004-2008
 Figure 6-3: Paint Consumption in Housing Industry by Value & Volume (%), 2008
 Figure 6-4: Tiles Industry by Production & Consumption (Million m2), 2005-2008
 Figure 6-5: Tiles Production by Type (%), 2008
 Figure 7-1: Mortgage Loan in GDP (%), 2005 & 2008
 Figure 7-2: Forecast for Housing Loan (Billion BRL), 2009-2013
 Figure 8-1: Number of Housing Unit Deficit by Region
 Figure 8-2: Number of Housing Unit Deficit by States
 Figure 8-3: Number of Housing Unit Deficit by Urban & Rural
 Figure 8-4: Share of Luxury and Mass Segment in Household Demand
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