Amazing Repurposed Houses

Many people may not imagine that some luxurious and well-designed houses used to be warehouses, barns, factories, and churches. The buyers have spent huge budget on renovation, converting industrial spaces into modern residences. Let's check out the unique converted homes:

This unusual home has a surprisingly modern interior. The cubby-like bedroom pods are equipped with flat screen monitors. The propane stove can be controlled by the Internet.

Surprisingly modern interior

The site of Capital Meats, a meat packing plant was transformed into Capital Flats with eight single-and multi-family dwellings.

With some of the pews in the kitchen as benches, the former Catholic Chapel was converted into the Living Church.

Old forest fire-spotting towers are being transformed into rustic camp-style guest houses.

This former 1905 diary barn sits on 2400-square feet overlooking the Olympic Mountains. With a new extra-insulated roof, people do not have to worry about the heat problems.

The 5,000-square-foot trolley maintenance garage became a firehouse and then a home.