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Beef, nutritious, high protein vitamins, containing fat, low cholesterol; and contains 12 kinds of amino acids needed by human body, the effect of a Warming stomach is strong share and nourish. Smooth and delicious accompanied by Rice flour That is absolutely not smell; is to drink a bowl of tempting aroma, rich flavor of beef the original soup is a delicious treat. Beef noodles for its "rotten meat, crisp and tender, pink slip cotton Ren, Tang Qing Sauvignon, spicy hot delicious" characteristics of the river in the north and south China, of all ages, regardless of summer and winter season, are the choice of many people .

Characteristics of the project: beef noodles as a unique flavor and rich nutrition, have been given public recognition. While low investment threshold, power, and has a significant product features and quality is the most potentially lucrative stage Business Project.

Unique taste: the unique taste of delicious beef noodles from special material selection and fine production. High quality beef proudly delicious soup, add the rice flour tough cotton slip, together with the rotten meat, crisp tender beef, together with the coriander, then into a bowl of Tangqing meaty, slippery rice noodles beef tough cotton.

Nutritious: beef rice noodles with beef cattle meat selection to sophisticated technology, through a series of cases of strict production?? Cooking, hanging, halogen, against, foam and other processes. Therefore, when a bowl of delicious beef noodles on strong in front of you, your appetite then how can we not?

A loyal consumer groups: in the north and south parts of China, like the Chi Mifen kind of product to reach 500 million people, history has Chimi Fen's history and tradition. And rice products made easy, convenient and also become the first choice.

No distinction season: in winter, eat a bowl of steaming beef noodle, lets you in the cold winter can be fun dripping,? Out one of fatigue. In summer, drink a bowl of fresh taste, rich flavor of beef the original soup lets you appetite, appetite moving.

Affordable: beef noodles were generally sold according to size, large copies of 6 yuan, 5 yuan in small portions; is precisely because of its affordable price, very popular with students and office workers alike. Around the school, in the office near the food court can see all kinds of people go to eat.

Management simple: business theme clear, distinctive product features, easy to operate species update, personnel requirements low, buy Raw material Convenient, therefore, difficult for small daily management, operation details are their own master, is well suited for new food and beverage entrepreneurs.

Big profit: a total of 50 square meters of beef Mi Fendian investment also in less than 50,000 yuan can be easily operated and can reach 60% of gross monthly income of 1 to 2 million, annual profit is up to 10 million or more, benefits are substantial.

Project works: As the beef noodles are broad consumer acceptance can be in the office near the school around, in the food court and so the relative concentration of the regional flow of business to open shop.

Project investment: the cost of beef Mifen Dian is the most important facade rent Decoration , And equipment to a 50-square-meter shop, for example, cost analysis as follows: to 6 yuan / bowl prices, turnover amounted to 1,500 yuan / day, a monthly turnover of 50,000 yuan. Rent: 3,000; artificial: one chef 1,000 yuan; waiter two 1,200 yuan; energy consumption: 2000 yuan / month; Other: 500 yuan / month; liquidity (daily purchases, the necessary expenses): 300 yuan 30 days = 10,000 yuan. Total expenditure above: 17,000 yuan in January, months Maori :50000-17000 = 33,000 yuan, on gross margin: 33000 50000 100% = 66%. ( HC food industry network Tip: business risk, the project should be carefully compared to the visit)

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