Housing Industry Alarming How The Lighting Industry, "winter"

Recently, according to authoritative media, investigative reporting, in just the past 5 months time, the country's first line cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities from the sales of commercial property " cow "and" Bear ", in decline. This is 5 months compared with last year, commercial housing sales decreased by 50% or more, the worst thing is Wuhan, sales dropped 6 percent. , And the bull market so far bear no signs of change. No city has a price, hold out the first half of first-tier cities have become the main state of the real estate market.

 Lighting industry and real estate, but said the relationship between hair and skin. The skin, hair adhere to. Although real estate is not the only light "safe haven" for the community, municipal engineering is where the demand for lighting, but real estate is undoubtedly lighting products, lighting products, in particular, the main demand side.

No need to explain this dependence, we can easily see that the real estate into a "bear market" is difficult to allocate for the lamp industry, from adverse impact.

 Lamps on the market, I now understand the situation from the point of view, lighting has been showing signs of decline in sales, compared to last year but there are some gaps. Beijing, senior dealer market reflected into the business more and more to light in July, and sometimes even a day into the shop's customers are rare; previously encountered off-season, there is another way we can think, or promotion, or store decoration and reconstruction, or intensify efforts to develop distribution networks, but now we do not move, and seemed to do nothing, and this state makes Biede heart flounder.

The dealers worry: I do not know into how to survive two months after the Olympic Games.

 Certainly, Beijing Olympic Games because of the limitations presented by the business cold, and also it does not necessarily clearly revealed the bear market is subject to the impact of the real estate market. However, according to the author by colleagues in other offices of this newspaper know that, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities foot in line with the same period last year, there are certain sales decline phenomenon. Chengdu lighting market in particular, with the same period last year, sales fell by almost 5 lamps into (mainly because of the reasons for the earthquake).

 General renovation of the convention, owners purchase, most fitting time to push for more than half or a year, plus the lighting in the final end of housing renovation, so the first five months of this year the bear market of real estate sales on the lamp a large number of adverse effects should not show up, if the current decline in sales of light should be affected by other factors (the Olympics, earthquake, etc) affect the larger point, but the real impact will most likely occur in the first half of this year and next year.

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